Current Research

Thermally stable contacts to GaN
Development of thermally stable Ohmic and Schottky contacts to both n- and p-type Gallium Nitride is essential to realize the potential for GaN-based electronics and optoelectronics for use in high speed, high temperature applications.

Zinc Oxide offers several benefits when compared to GaN for use in Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). ZnO has a higher exciton binding energy than GaN (60 meV vs 25 meV) and bulk n-type ZnO is available commercially.

These lightweight sensors with the possibility of being integrated with on-chip wireless communication and remote data transmission could be used for perimeter defense, early-warning of chemical attacks and possible detection of improvised explosive devices.

Flexible Thin Film Transistors
Flexible electronics have advantages such as low profile, light weight, small size, and better performance. In displays, thin film transistors (TFTs) are used as switching components in the active-matrix over a large area. Currently, liquid crystal displays (LCDs) mostly use amorphous Si as the TFTs. However, due to the low mobility (<1 cm2/Vs) and high process temperature (350C), amorphous Si-TFTs are not available for high resolution displays on cheap plastic substrates. Organic TFTs have very low mobility (< 1 cm2/Vs) and may have reliability concerns. Oxide-based TFTs have at least 1 order higher mobility (10~50 cm2/Vs) than amorphous Si-TFTs and organic TFTs and can be deposited at room temperature. The high mobility of oxide-based TFTs, make them available for high resolution displays and can integrate switching TFTs in the active-matrix and driver-integrated circuits (driver ICs) on the same plastic substrate, which can reduce cost and provide a more compact display. Besides, oxide-based TFTs have other advantages such as room temperature deposition, higher transparency and better smoothness. Oxide-based TFTs have a great potential to realize a roll-to-roll display. If this technology can be realized, it may not only replace the current amorphous Si-TFTs for LCDs, but will also create new applications on various sets such as heads-up, windshield, electronic books or light weight computers for soldiers in the battle field.

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